About us

Us10 WebMusic is eternal. It may be played around the campfire, in the folk park, in clubs or arenas. But to experience and feel music is an unchanging constant through the generations. This is how it is going to be as long as people have hearts that want to be touched and feet that want to dance.


The music industry is going through big changes. The digitization of the music has brought a revolution, and what paths the music industry is going to take in the future one can just speculate in. In a world where internet makes everything available the concert experience offers something unique. The opportunity to experience something in that moment that will never return. The collective elements of a concert experience also become more and more important. To gather around something. The power released in the meeting between performer and audience is a thing almost magical when everything is right.


United stage today is the largest independent company in Nordic entertainment industry when it comes to representing Swedish artists. In addition to the role as tour producer are we also in the artist management where we are one of Scandinavian’s leading companies. We also sell our services to corporate events as well as running our own concert activities. We represent 160+ artists exclusively and yearly accomplish over 2000 artist performances.


United stage was founded in 1984, meaning that we in 2014 celebrate our 30thanniversary.


The world is a changing place and so is the music industry. We at United Stage believe in the music. We believe in the magic of the meeting between the artist and the audience. It’s actually pretty simple.


United Stage is environmentally certified.


Anders Larsson CEO (MD)